Time Delay Relays

Also known as Battery Savers or Charge Guards. Time Delay Relays (TDRs) automatically protect batteries from excessive discharge while providing power to electrical loads after engine / charging sources are turned for a specific time.

  160 A - Universal Voltage Sensitive Relay - 7618B
   200  A - TH Series TDR - 6001-3001B

Relays for Extending TH/PT Series TDR Amperage / Number of Isolated Outputs (via Low-Amp Signal Output)
  160 Amp Single Output Relays -  12 Volt - 7421B  
  150 Amp Relay (Metripak Connector) - 901087
  2x80  Amp Dual Output Relay -  12 Volt - 7422B

Kill Switch for TH Series TDRs
  Replace Circuit Breakers When Being Used as TDR Switch & Power Feed is Fused 4601-1001B
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