Power Master Solid State 6 Circuit time Delay Relay

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        Eliminate battery jump start service calls and improve your fleets' vehicle availability.


        Extend your fleet's battery life and reduce/eliminate the need for spare vehicle battery storage.

        AUTO OFF

        Automatic power off after a user-determined time for monitor system voltages and time-out counts.


        Engineered, assembled, and tested in the USA. Egis Mobile Electric provides a two year warranty on the Power Master 6.


        Power Master 6 is a six circuit (30 Amp per circuit) individually programmable time delay distribution module configurable by PC and USB serial cable for determining optimal system settings. Custom factory-programming of desired settings is available for production orders.

        • Solid State/Digital Design, no moving parts to wear out and fail

        • Self-contained, time delay and switching in one module

        • Programmable delay in tenths of a minute from 6 seconds to 4.5 days

        • Each circuit channel has a separate time delay setting

        • Status LED signals output ON, OFF, Counting-down, configuration mode

        • Optional ignition circuit input override (recommended for emergency vehicle applications)

        • Optional Low Voltage Protection (voltage and time delay configurable, i.e. turn off when input voltage falls below 10.5-Volts for 15-Seconds)

        • Optional Over Voltage Protection (configurable) protects sensitive load-side electronics

        • Optional kill switch input turns all outputs off.

        • Technician debug mode, manually turn output on or off with PC for diagnostics




        8001 Sales Sheet & Installation Instructions