140 A Time Delay Relay (TDR), Top Hat Replacement, Bulk Pack

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        Top side dip switches

        Accessible after installation, for programming time delay and determining active features. Protected by self-retained cover.


        100% Non-ferrous corrosion resistant materials. All attachment screws and nuts are self-locking.

        integral I/O connector

        Rapid and 100% correct assembly via Molex MX-150 connector eliminates poor field connections.


        Mating plug with 2 feet of ground and ignition wire included. Optional harnesses with additional outputs and alternate wire lengths available

        easy integration with CT Fuse Blocks

        Optional EasyLink bus bars provide reduces space and cost to connect TDRs with CT series Fuse Blocks.


        Optional EasyLink bus bars provide reduces space and cost to connect TDRs with RT series Fuse Blocks.


        Provides indication of pending relay OFF event due to under/over voltage or external off trigger. Output on/off status also provided. LED output provides remote status.




        Maximum current -

        Continuous:   160 Amps DC

        Intermittent:   240 Amps DC (5 Minutes)

        Off State Current Draw

        1.5 mA (less than 1 Amp-hr per month of stand-by

        operating specifications

        Voltage:           12 Vdc Nominal (8 - 18 Vdc)

        Temperature:  -40 to 55 Deg C

        Product warranty

        4 Years from date of manufacturer


        Time Delay Options

        5 Sec through 16 hours via Dip Switches

        environment protection standards 

        Waterproof to IP66 . IP6K9K

        Ignition Protected to ISO 8846

        Optional Features

        Input stud voltage sense trigger for relay OFF

        Under-voltage and over-voltage load protection

        Application Example 

        Entire Vehicle Switching and Circuit Protection

        Combining a high-amp TH Series Time Delay Relay (TDR) with a 5015 Fuse Block attached to the TDR input stud (left) provides 24 hour / keep-alive circuits; while the second 5015 Fuse Block (right) attaches to the output stud of the TDR providing switched circuits for the installation. The TDR can operate both as a remotely controlled switch and optionally in an autonomous mode after a prescribed time from a trigger event or due to a low input voltage situation. Fuse blocks shown without included covers.

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        Installation Example 

        12 Position RT Fuse Block, RT Ground Block, and TH Series Time Delay Relay (TDR)

        A well installed power distribution and clean ground return solution. Fused vehicle power is connected to the TDR Time Delay Relay (upper right), then distributed to the 12 Position RT Fuse Block (left). The RT Ground Block (lower right) was separate from the Fuse Block where it was originally tied together, and re-located to a more convenient locations for effective wire harness routing. Also shown, optional cover labels from emergency vehicle label sheet set.

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        TH Series Time Delay Relay
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        140 A Time Delay Relay (TDR), Top Hat Replacement, Bulk Pack