Fuse Blocks

Robust & Proven Circuit Protection

      RT Series Ring Terminal Modular Fuse Blocks w/Blown Fuse LED Indicators

      Designed for harsh environments. Builders can stock two core parts and build up to six configurations. ATO/ATC/ATF Fuse Compatible.

      Core Parts / Building Blocks:

      6 Position Fuse Block

      12 Position Ground Block

      Complete Family Of Pre-Assembled Fuse Block Solutions:

      6 Position

      6 Position w/Ground Return

      12 Position

       12 Position w/Ground Return

      18 Position

      18 Position w/Ground Return

      Connector Terminal (CT) Series Hybrid ATO / Low Profile Jcase Fuse Block

      Eight ATO fused outputs with MX-150 plug/play connectors plus two LP JCase fused outputs with screw terminals. Designed for harsh environments.

      CT Series Fuse Block

      CT Fuse Block Harness Options

      Connector/Terminal Kit, 4 Position

      1 ft Extension Wires

      10 ft Harness, Circuits 1-4

      10 ft Harness, Circuits 5-8

      20 ft Harness, Circuits 1-4

      20 ft Harness, Circuits 5-8

      We are COMMITTED to developing & delivering the most compelling and robust solutions for harsh environment mobile electrical and electronic systems. We appreciate your feedback and any suggestions you may have for improvements or new application solutions.