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New Products 2022 Q1

24V PT Series 30 Amp Time Delay Relay
No More Dead Batteries!

Now available in 24 volt version, our 30 Amp PT Series Time Delay Relay can save your batteries and prevent engine starting problems by keeping add-on equipment from running past the programmable time that has been set. Constructed of high temp materials means this relay can be installed nearly anywhere on a vehicle. Advanced under and over voltage protection keep sensitive electronics safe and the sealed housing keeps internal components clean and dry. 

XD Series 500 Amp Programmable Automatic Charging Relays
Automotive / Marine Rated

This heavy duty high amp ACR isolates or connects two batteries to manage electrical system charging, eliminating dead start batteries.  Available with or without intuitive manual control knob/remote and y our choice of pre-tinned or Deutsch DTM connector for installation ease.   

Coming Soon - March 2022

Additional XD Series Relays

Single XD -  Flex Relay/LVD/ACR, Solenoid
Dual XD - 2x Flex Relay/LVD/ACR, Custom Configurations Available With or Without Manual Knobs, Deutsch or Wire Terminations
Triple XD    - 3x Flex Relay/LVD/ACR, Custom Configurations Available With or Without Manual Knobs, Deutsch or Wire Terminations

8700 Heavy Duty Mechanical Disconnect/Battery Switch
Ready For High Loads / Harsh Environments

Silver allow contacts support high ampere/full voltage switching capability versus legacy rotary style switches. Included protective cover with convenient label recesses ensures no accidental shorts occur and allows for easy identification of circuits long term. Sealed construction and Goretex vent ensure long life and reliability under harsh conditions. Integrates perfectly with upcoming XD Series line of Relays!

8034 13 Circuit Plus Ground Fuse Block
Automotive / Marine Rated

New 13 circuit plus ground ATM-Mini fuse block, 200 Amp maximum continuous current,  and three fused high amp (1-50A) outputs. Blown Fuse LED indicators coming soon as new feature. High quality stainless steel self-locking hardware and includes protective cover. Great as a fuse block expansion for our 2601 & 2602 Power distribution modules. Integrated ground return bus keeps installation space requirements to a minimum with this installer friendly device. 

New Products 2021 Q3-Q4  

    75 Amp Automotive Relays
    Bi-Furcated Contacts

    Bi-Furcated contact, Optional Dual Diode (901463) prevents damaging fly-back voltage to control circuits. Robust materials and construction enhances vibration, shock protection and long term reliability. High 150 Amp Intermittent rating for up to 3 Sec supports high amp inrush equipment applications.  

         901463 Dual Diode Automotive Relay    

     High Voltage/Amperage Contactors
    Hermetically Sealed
    100A and 250A-400A

    High ampere sealed contactors provide long term reliability for remote switching needs. High contact voltage rating easily supports 12-24 Vdc applications and up to 48V and beyond. Get positive confirmation of relay On/Off status with optional auxiliary contacts support remote status indication. Constructed of high temp materials for engine compartment applications and stainless steel self locking hardware ensures long term connection reliability.

              See More Variations On Solenoid/Relay Page 

    Dual Input Fuse Block  
    Automotive/  Marine Rated 

    Unique hybrid fuse solution offering three high amp outputs, compact circuit protection solution provides two (2) Input/Output groups, seven ground return screws can support up to fourteen (14) wires. Ten (10) outputs @ 1-30 Amp, Three(3) outputs @ 1-50 Amp and two unfused outputs at 1-60A

    . 8033 Dual Input Fuse Block

    New Products 2020 Q3-Q4 

    High-Amp Circuit Breakers    
    Automotive /  Marine Rated

    Designed for high temperature engine compartment applications and fully waterproof. Surface mount 50 - 250 Amp models. Panel mount 50 - 150 Amp models. Manual on / off controls via push button and trip re-set levels. Ignition protected, safe for installation in enclosed spaces where explosive gases may be present. Unique high switching cycle design provides 6,000+ operations and up to 72 Vdc application support. All stainless steel self-locking hardware and integrated terminal stud insulators.

    More Info On The Circuit Protection Page

    Power Distribution Module 
    14 Outputs (Expandable To 31 Outputs)

    Extremely compact all-in-one power switching and circuit protection solution provides three (3) configurable output groups each programmable to be either 24/7, ignition switched on/off, or time delayed off. Seven ground return screws can support up to fourteen (14) wires. Ten (10) outputs @ 1-25 Amp, Three(3) outputs @ 1-45 Amp. LEDs for each output indicate off, on, fuse blown, over/under voltage, and over-temperature. Optional integrated mechanical kill switch eliminates need for breakers when power fed by OEM fuses.

        PDM-14 w/Kill Switch      PDM-14 w/o Kill Switch            

    New Products 2020 Q2  

    Dual / Triple Battery ACRs 
    (Automatic Charging Relays)

    Designed for harsh environments with three control wire connection options including Deutsch DT/AT connectors. The family includes a 160 Amp Dual Battery ACR or a Triple Battery 2x80 Amp ACR, both available in either 12 or 24 volt models. Both products deliver a wide range of functionality improvements beyond current industry solutions, including adjustable connect and disconnect voltage set points, dual engine compatibility, and remote relay expansion capability.

        12V Dual      12V Triple      24V Dual      24V Triple

    BR Series  
    Sealed Distribution Blocks

    Sealed blocks with 12 Position MX-150 integrated connector provide several variations of connection between wires, each with a high power M6 I/O terminal stud connected to one of the terminal groups. Eliminates unreliable butt splice connections, simplifies connecting more than 2 wires, and provides combination solutions that allow signal interconnection with ground return collection. 150 Amps max rating on M6 I/O terminal.

    More Info On Distribution Products Page

    TH Series Universal Voltage Sensing
    Relay w/Time Delay

    Learn More

    Shutoff Switch for
    TH Series Relays 

    Learn More

    180 A Relay with
    Metripak Connector

    Learn More

    Advanced Gun Lock Timer
    w/Release Lockout 

    Learn More

    TH Series Sealed Relays
    1x 160 Amp or 2x 80 Amp, Optional DT/AT Connector

    Designed for harsh environments with two standard control connection options (sealed MX-150 or flying wire leads) and optional Deutsch DT/AT harness termination part numbers. Fully sealed enclosure and control connection options, all stainless steel self-locking hardware and tin plated copper conductors. Use for extending current capability or number of independent outputs for TH Series Time Delay Relays (TDRs) or Automatic Charging Relays (ACRs), or connect to external manual (switch) or automatic (ignition) signal.

    More Info On The Relays Page

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